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The Practical Guitar Chord and Fretboard Chart


The ultimate collection of guitar chord diagrams of the most used guitar chords for Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Pop and Country guitar on one side and "Dr.Ducks One Page Guitar Prescription" on the other - with the names of each note on the guitar fretboard filled in all the way up to the 15th. fret


- Color coded for naturals, sharps and flats.

Each key starts out showing you how to play the major, major 7th, minor, minor 7th., and a Barred version of the major chord --- from there, in various keys the chord diagrams also show 5ths. and 6ths., some keys show how to play 9ths., ... other keys have diminished, suspended, or additional Barre chord positions .. some have dominant 7/9's, others show you how to play 11ths. ...etc. -


Chords that you can use in a jamming or working musical environment - (we didn't include a bunch of chord positions that are obscure or are seldom used - just the good stuff is included .. ) -


The perfect addition to any learning tool or publication on the market - drilled for 3 ring notebooks ...


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The Practical Guitar Chord and Fretboard Chart : Ducks Deluxe