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Thank You for your interest in private lessons at Bounty Music! We thank you for the opportunity to serve you. The following information and teacher biographies give you a glimpse of what we offer…

Studies show that music education can dramatically contribute to a child’s ability to learn, think and create. Much like participating in a sport, music lessons can teach discipline and team building skills. Music lessons, however, offer several distinct benefits, including a more flexible practice schedule and the ability to continue playing long into adulthood and old age. It may provide a more realistic career path and a great opportunity to earn a lifetime of part time income. As a parent, you are in a unique position to contribute to your child’s success both now and in the future. The gift of music can help you deliver!

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Jon Toda

Ukulele & Guitar

JON TODA has been a working musician on Maui for over 30 years playing ukulele, guitar and bass.  He plays and listens to a variety of music, leaning toward traditional and contemporary Hawaiian songs.  Currently teaching ukulele at Seabury Hall, he enjoys teaching music to students of all ages.  Jon is also a part of the Hawaiian music group Maui Jam, which recently released their first CD.  

(Ukulele, guitar - beginner, and bass) 

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Reese Tanaka

A classically-trained pianist of over 20 years, Reese Tanaka has instructed students of all age ranges. As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, Reese helps build solid foundational structures by arranging popular pieces in ways that incorporate technique-enhancing exercises to develop good habits while allowing students to perform the music they enjoy. Students will come away with the skills and tools necessary to study and perform a wide range of music of their choosing.  88-key graded hammer action piano or acoustic upright/grand piano recommended for efficient home practice.



Reese Tanaka teaches beginner-advanced Piano ages 5 & up.


Reese Tanaka teaches beginner-advanced clarinet, beginner-intermediate oboe, and beginner-intermediate saxophone ages 12 & up.


Private Lessons are $35 Per Half Hour

Jeremy Savo

Jeremy Savo is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who recently relocated to Maui from Southern New Jersey. He received his Bachelors in Music Performance from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Over the last decade, Jeremy released 6 albums with his original band Out of the Beardspace and 1 with his original band PanSong. He has performed extensively with both of these bands at festivals and venues around the east coast, building a loyal following and regularly opening for national acts. He has also started his own music festival Beardfest which attracts 2500 people annually, and has been the house guitarist for churches, synagogues, and a regular sub for many different types of bands in the Philly area. 


Besides all of this, Jeremy has been teaching music for about 16 years now, half of his life! He enjoys working with students of all ages, from barely-out-of-diapers age to grandparents and everyone in-between. He believes that music plays a unique role in each individual's life, and he likes to find a way to be a helpful, motivating guide no matter if the student is the next Eddie Van Halen or just someone who enjoys playing alone in their bedroom a couple times per week. 


Throughout the years, he has developed a wide variety of different methods and teaching materials to suit any age and skill level. So whether you want to learn chord strumming, music theory, guitar solos, singing and playing at the same time, writing, recording, or whatever else, he’s got you covered. 

Jeremy Savo teaches guitar all ages. 

Private Lessons are $35 Per Half Hour

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Francois Kie 

Pianist, Composer, Producer and Instructor

•Coming back from a long family of musicians which dates back from Frederic Francois CHOPIN                       

·Started playing the piano at 3 years, first lesson at 5  National Conservatory of Paris, Schola     Cantorum, Sorbonne France.  Music Instructor and Piano teacher for 12 years at the Institute of Music and Professional Formation (IMFP) and the National Jazz School of Montpellier (JAM), France.

·Founder of Universe Melody Co and author of the Kie’s Universal Catalog of Musical Scales.

·Francois works with notable musicians such as Michel Petrucciani, Mike Stern, Ross Hogarth (Grammy Award, Ziggy Marley), Joe and Mike Porcaro (ToTo), Sean Lennon (Capitol Records, LA).  

·Moved to Maui 14 years ago mentored by Emma Veary, 

·Francois plays with Robin Kneubuhl (Hula Honeys), Kalani Pe'a, Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom, performed at the Four Seasons Hotel and the Hideaway and now since 2015 at Kula Lodge (Lunch and Dinner) and has immersed himself in the Hawaiian culture and music.

You can check his music by typing on you tube : « Francois Kie Tooic »

Melody with Aloha !

Francois teaches Piano, beginners and advanced

Private Lessons are $35 Per Half Hour


50 years as a professional musici
an playing in resorts in Hawaii and California. Brado now shares his unique talent and teaches how to become a serious well rounded musician in every genre that interest your taste in good music. 

Brado teaches Guitar & Ukulele, beginners and advanced

Private Lessons are $35 Per Half Hour

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