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Which Roland CUBE Amp is Right for You?

With over three million sold since 1978, there’s a CUBE amplifier for every type of musician. For more than four decades, the CUBE series has been synonymous with exceptional value, great sounds, and versatile features—all in a portable, robust form factor. If you want to learn more about the long and storied history of the CUBE amps, check out this article. But first, let’s move on to the task at hand⁠—figuring out which CUBE is the right one for you.

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Dual Cube LX &Dual Cube Bass LX

Need something to noodle on between Zoom calls? Want to capture that killer riff idea on your lunch break? Maybe you want to get creative at low volumes without pulling out your main gigging rig. If any of these scenarios fit the bill, a desktop practice amp could be just what you’ve been looking for. Pop some AA batteries in and go mobile for a quick jam with friends or a sing-along at the beach. And with stereo lineouts on both models, you can use these at a gig as a personal monitor while going direct to the mixer.

DUAL CUBE LX and DUAL CUBE BASS LX are available at Bounty Music.


Since 2007, CUBE Street has been virtually synonymous with street performance and busking. There are two amps in the CUBE Street range: CUBE Street and CUBE Street EX. Which one you choose depends on your needs. Are you a solo performer running backing tracks from your phone? Do you use just a single guitar, or have you got multiple instruments to plug in? Or do you have several band members performing together? Let’s find out which one works best for your needs.

CUBE Street EX takes things up a notch, with up to four inputs and 50W of power. Perfect if you’re a multi-instrumentalist or performing with bigger groups. Here are a few ways that you can put the four inputs to good use:

  • Keys + vocals + electric guitar

  • Acoustic guitar + electric guitar + vocals

  • Electronic drums (in stereo) + electric guitar + vocals

  • Two vocals + synth (in stereo)

The innovative power optimization technology allows 8x AA batteries to power the EX for up to 20 hours in ECO mode (10W), 10 hours in NORM mode (25W), and 5 hours in MAX mode (50W).

Cube Street EX is available at Bounty Music.


Mobile Cube

Mobile CUBE is essentially a pint-sized portable PA. It’s great for educators and multi-instrumentalists who are constantly on the go. Small, battery-powered, and able to handle any electronic instrument or audio device, use Mobile CUBE anywhere. There’s a variety of inputs available for microphones, acoustic guitars, and electric guitars. In addition, there are Aux In and stereo inputs for keyboards/line-level instruments.

Try it as a micro-PA or personal monitoring device. Alternatively, use Center Cancel to minimize vocals/lead guitar in pre-recorded tracks. This is great for teaching, jamming, or just doing karaoke like no one’s watching.

Mobile Cube & Mobile Acoustic Cube are available at Bounty Music.



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