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The BOSS DUAL CUBE LX Guitar Amplifier is a super portable, stereo desktop amp that’s perfect for jamming with friends, practicing, recording and livestreaming—all on the go and anywhere you choose. You can bring the DUAL CUBE LX to a rehearsal session and plug in with the included AC adaptor, or rock out in the great outdoors using eight AA batteries for portable power. With its 10W stereo power amp and two custom-designed 4" speakers, you’ll have the volume and headroom to handle a lot of musical situations. But if you want to bring the DUAL CUBE LX on a concert stage—or just need to get your sound above the roar of loud bandmates—simply use the stereo line out jacks to connect to a powered speaker or PA system. Recording guitar tracks to a DAW is as easy as using USB or the i-CUBE Link. If you’re livestreaming a lesson, demo or living room concert, those same output options—combined with the Phones/Rec jack and mic volume control—let you narrate the scene along with your guitar tones. Want to jam with tracks on your phone, tablet or computer? Get the music playing via a stereo AUX input, USB, i-CUBE Link Loopback or an optional Bluetooth adaptor (sold separately).

Crafting striking guitar tones and textures is an exercise in abundant creativity, with the DUAL CUBE LX’s eight essential amp types, cabinet emulation, seven BOSS effects, onboard EQ and other signal-processing maneuvers. Want more? The DUAL CUBE LX editor (iOS/Android) lets you get deeper into tone editing and other settings. Still not finished with your tone sorcery? A stereo input lets you incorporate effects processors and pedalboards with all of the sonic power of the DUAL CUBE LX. This latest evolution of the CUBE phenomenon delivers the flexibility of a big studio’s collection of amps, cabinets and tone-tweaking gizmos in a pro-sounding guitar combo that can fit into a carry-on bag or atop a coffee table.


UPC: 761294518465

            D-CUBE-LX Dual Cube LX Guitar Combo Amplifier : Boss

            SKU: D-CUBE-LX

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