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The Graph Tech Tusq XL Slotted Nut for Gibson electric guitars can give you big benefits at a small price. Many nut materials can become brittle, and possibly bind your strings when tuning. This can lead to poor tuning or possibly even broken strings. Graph Tech's Tusq XL slotted nut is made from a special recipe that includes PTFE, the third-slickest substance on Earth. You can expect smooth and snag-free performance for the life of your guitar. The highly resonant material also improves your tone by transferring more vibration from your strings to your guitar's body and enhancing harmonics when open strings are played. The Graph Tech Tusq XL Slotted Nut is a major enhancement for a very small price, so treat your acoustic guitar to one today!


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UPC: 702725102068

TUSQ XL Gibson (electric) Style Slotted Nut 1-3/4" x 3/16" : GraphTech

SKU: PQL-6010-00
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