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The Monster Cable TV Cleaning Kit Makes Your TV Glow from the Outside In

See things more clearly with the Monster Cable ScreenClean TV Cleaning Kit. We're all guilty of doing it - using regular window cleaner to swipe that gummy residue off our TVs or spritzing it on the computer screen to remove the smudges left by one-too-many swipes at the screen with grubby fingers. But greater damage is probably being done to our electronics when wiped down with simple household cleaners. Too much moisture can drip down or penetrate the brains inside the boxes, leading to damage or full system failure, and sprays not made for certain materials can cause permanent streaks or stains.

The Monster Cable TV Cleaning Kit may be the best way to preserve your precious gadgets. Designed specifically for TVs, monitors, camera lenses and more, the cleaning kit uses a special non-drip solution and micro-fiber cloth to clean away smudges, scratches and fingerprints.

  • The Monster Cable ScreenClean TV Cleaning Kit can be used on camera lenses, TV screens, computer monitors, portable DVD players and more to clear out dust, streaks and fingerprints while protecting your items for longer life.
  • This product can make appliances in your den and office brighter and clearer.
  • It comes with a microfiber cloth to help prevent scratches when wiping the spray away.


UPC:  050644548567

ScreenClean TV Cleaning Kit : Monster Cable