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The TASCAM Model 12 is a compact, all-in-one mixer. Designed for musicians, performers and content creators, the Model 12 supports your process and workflow. Features include TASCAM’s acclaimed multitrack recorder, USB audio/MIDI interface, DAW control and podcast-friendly capabilities.

~Multi-Track Recording~

The Model 12’s internal 12-track recorder records WAV files (up to 24-bit/48 kHz) directly to an SD card with 10-track playback. Supporting metronome, punch-in/out and overdubbing functions, the internal recorder also allows WAV files to be imported directly into a DAW for further production.

~USB Audio Interface and DAW Control~

Easily connect to your computer with the Model 12’s onboard USB Type-C connector. This allows for playback and recording. Get hands-on control of most major DAWs—including external DAW control of faders, mutes, pans, solos, play, record, stop, etc.—using HUI/MCU protocol emulation.

~Click Output With TAP TEMPO~

A dedicated click output with TAP TEMPO allows the tempo to be monitored for both live or recording applications. This allows live performers to play with tracks using the built-in multitrack engine. Or, this lets music creators to monitor the tempo when recording.

~Onboard MIDI~

Standard MIDI in/out connectors allow connection with a wide range of keyboards, drum machines, controllers and other MIDI sources. The Model 12 can also be used to sync multitrack recorders and other external devices.

~Live Streaming and Performance~

Use the Model 12 as a live production recorder, USB interface and live streaming tool. It offers several features for podcasting and live streaming. Features include mix-minus, a smartphone input, mic-ready channels, Bluetooth, dual-headphone outputs and internal multitrack recording.

~All-in-One Production, From Recording to Mastering~

The Model 12’s seamless workflow lets you focus on creating. The familiar feel of the Model 12’s 60 mm faders, one-knob compressor, three-band EQ and high-quality reverb effects allow fast for tweaking of mixes and tones.

~Pristine Audio Quality~

Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic preamps offer high-grade sound. Plus, EIN (Equivalent Input Noise) of -128dB ensures low-noise. Hi-Z line level inputs are also included on all channels for direct input of instruments.

~Compact Size With Plenty of Inputs~

The compact Model 12 can handle any small format recording or live production. I/O 8 XLR mic inputs (with +48V support), 10 TRS line inputs, a 3.5mm (1/8") TRRS input (for Smartphone) and Bluetooth 5.0 input.

~Versatile Routing~

Selectable PFL/AFL modes and solo in place (SIP) allow for flexible monitoring of individual channels. This eliminates the need to mute individual channels when mixing.

~Dual Headphone Monitor~

The Model 12 features a pair of top-panel headphone jacks. This allows monitoring of two discrete headphone mixes simultaneously for performers and engineers.




  • 8 XLR mic inputs (with +48V support) / 10 TRS line inputs, 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo input and Bluetooth® 5.0 input
  • 1-knob compressor and 3 band EQ on all input modules
  • Equipped with 60mm faders
  • Selectable PFL/AFL modes and in-place solo (SIP)
  • Stereo output to MAIN L-R and SUB L-R, monaural send to AUX1 and AUX2
  • Dual headphone outputs with individual volume and source selection
  • TASCAM FX equipped
  • Recording function with punch in/out support allows direct SD card 12-track recording / 10-track playback
  • 12-in/10-out USB audio interface function (USB Type-C connector)
  • Built-in metronome function
  • Bluetooth 5.0 input with AAC and SBC codec support
  • Equipped with MIDI IN/OUT connectors, USB-MIDI interface function, and MTC output/MIDI clock output with SPP support
  • Supports simple DAW control (HUI/MCU protocol emulation)
  • Click output with TAP TEMPO support
  • Dual footswitch (TRS connector) function allows assignment of transport, FX, etc.
  • Smartphone input with minus one function


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Model 12 All-In-One Production Mixer - Tascam

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