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Zildjian’ s one-of-a-kind L80 Low Volume cymbals are up to 80% quieter than traditional cymbals without losing the authentic Zildjian feel.

The Silentstroke drum heads are the ultimate in low volume drum heads, designed for quiet practice applications where standard drum set volumes are an issue.

Now available in a special edition pack thats combines the L80 Low Volume LV468 (14 in. Hi-Hat, 16 in. crash and 18 in. crash ride) cymbal set with a set of Remo’s Silentstroke drumheads (10 in, 12 in.,14 in., 16 in. and 22 in.). The L80/Silentstroke combination is the quietest cymbal/drum head pack ever made and it is perfect for practice and lesson rooms.



  • 70–80% quieter than traditional cymbals so that you can play longer without ear fatigue or hearing damage
  • Perfect for apartments, practice rooms, dorm rooms or any “noise-sensitive” situations
  • Proprietary manufacturing techniques and alloy deliver a real cymbal feel
  • Unique matte finish provides a sophisticated look
  • Both Zildjian and Remo products are proudly made in the U.S.A.


Stock photo of product.


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LV468 Low Volume Cymbal Set with Remo Silent Stroke Heads - Zildjian

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