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TC Helicon brings an award-winning Midas preamp and class-leading 24-bit conversion to an impossibly slim design. Introducing the TC Helicon GO Guitar Pro mobile audio interface — the perfect tool for recording guitar tracks, keyboard jams, and soundboard audio from the convenience of your laptop, phone, or tablet. Wear it as a belt clip and capture live tracks from your guitar or bass, or make it the centerpiece of your home studio. Endless iOS/Android apps and wide third-party app compatibility color and tint your instrument signals to your heart's content. And since it's powered directly from your mobile device or laptop and gives you a high-definition headphone output for impeccable monitoring, the TC Helicon GO Guitar Pro truly is the only device standing between you and memorable performances.


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UPC: 653341324733

GO GUITAR PRO High-Def iOS Guitar Interface - TC Helicon

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