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  • Dimensions: 17.5" tall x 11.5" deep x 11.5" wide

  • Large playable surface and unique rounded body shape projects deep punchy bass tones while maintaining high pitched snare slap

  • Proprietary Bass Port enhances low end frequencies, adding more punch.

  • Durable rubber base feet raise the cajon off of the floor/stage, protecting the cajon's shell

  • 20 evenly spaced horizontal coiled snare wires offer consistent snare response.

  • Adjustable top front plate corners allow you to alter the distance between the playing surface and the cajon body, resulting in a varied amount of slap sounds when playing the corners

  • Play towards the center of the front plate for deep and punchy bass notes, and toward the top center/corners for snare slap


Stock photo of product.


UPC: 811513003033

Ebony Cajon Compact Size : Sawtooth