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The Yamaha DM3S Professional 22-channel ultracompact digital mixer is an advanced yet intuitive mixing solution for professional DJs and electronic music producers. Boasting sampling rates as high as 96kHz and combined with Yamaha’s legacy of high-sound quality, the DM3S delivers a sonic clarity that is perfect any audio engineer looking for a transparent sound. This 22-channel digital mixer is also the ideal compact size for easy transportation from gig to gig. With a 9” touchscreen and custom controls for mixing, livestreaming or recording, the Yamaha DM3S is a truly versatile digital mixer for all your professional audio needs.


Advanced Features for Flawless Audio Control

Built for professional DJs and music producers, the DM3S delivers pro-level mixing capabilities. This digital mixer comes with a high-quality 9” touchscreen and a single touch & turn knob to give you a seamless mixing operation. The DAW remote mode, which includes transport control, allows you to use this mixer as a DAW controller at home for additional versatility. The 18x18 USB audio interface allows for easy playback and recording operation, along with a 2x2 USB recorder.


Versatile Connections for Countless Mixing Possibilities

The DM3S has 22-channels; 16 mono, 1 ST and 1 ST FX RTNs, for a large variety of mixing options for unlimited creativity. You can have further customized control with your mixing via OSC, USB-MIDI and Provisionaire for remotely monitoring your sound. This mixer has 16 Yamaha professional preamps; 12 XLR and four como jacks, as well as eight analog outputs for easy connectivity. The Yamaha DM3S 22-channel ultracompact digital mixer provides intuitive mixing with exceptional audio clarity making it easy for you to create your best music on-the-go.


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DM3S Professional 22-Channel Ultracompact Digital Mixer : Yamaha

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