There are essentially four sizes of ukulele and all of them have their aficionados and particular strengths. The four sizes are Soprano, Concert, Tenor (all 3 tuned GCEA), and Baritone (tuned lower to DGBE).

1. Soprano - the smallest of the "normal" ukes, scale length (bridge to nut) about 13.5" - 14" and a body length of 20" -21". Convenient to carry, traditional, plucky, and cuts in the mix for recording.

2. Concert - middle size, scale length about 15", body length 23" -24". Favored by teens and ladies (at least in Hawaii), the concert ukulele provides a larger sound volume than the soprano in a still comfortable mid-sized instrument.

3. Tenor - the larger of the three regular tuned ukuleles (GCEA), scale length 17" - 17.5", body length 25.5" - 26.5". Often favored by men, more adept players, and men and women professionals, the tenor produces a more robust sound because of its larger body.

4. Baritone - approaching a small guitar in size, scale length 20", body length 29" - 30". Tuned like the first four strings of a guitar (DGBE), the baritone offers a romantic, lower-pitched sound which is excellent for accompanying vocals and fingerpicking styles.

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