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The new Boss Katana Gen-3 Guitar Amps are here!

The BOSS Katana Gen 3 guitar combo amplifier provides an inspiring playing experience for guitarists of all levels. This third-generation model builds on the Katana legacy of authentic tube tone and feel at an affordable price. Refinements to the Tube Logic amp modeling provide an even wider range of sound with a new Pushed amp character that lets you achieve satisfying edge-of-breakup tone at lower volumes. Connect to the updated BOSS Tone Studio app for intuitive editing of amp character, effects and more from your computer or mobile device. BOSS continues to lead in sound innovation with the new Katana Gen 3 amplifiers, featuring revamped I/O and six unique amp characters—expandable to 12 with the Variation button. The latest models include the PUSHED edge of breakup amp tones and the BLOOM voicing switch on the HEAD and ARTIST models, enhancing every detail of your tone with superior sound quality, a customizable UI, and optional wireless streaming via the BTS app.

Much of the Katana’s success has been achieved through technological innovation. But it’s just as much about you, our ever-growing family of global users. With the release of Katana Gen 3, we want to honor the sonic adventurers who make up the Katana community, highlighting those golden moments when you discover your unique voice on guitar and passion for playing. Together, we make the sound.

Wherever you play and whatever your level, the grab-and-go BOSS Katana Gen 3 guitar amplifier series has you covered. Offering world-class tone, inspiring feel, and evolved performance, these are the best stage-class Katana amps yet.

Game-Changing Performance

Generously packed with features, Katana amps are renowned for their unbeatable versatility and value. With a comprehensive array of acclaimed amp characters and a bevy of industry-leading BOSS effects, these are some of the most flexible guitar amps money can buy. From crystal clean to extreme metal, any guitar tone can be dialed in quickly and easily. Whether jamming at home, recording in the studio, or performing live, Katana flows with every creative ambition. Practice quietly using headphones, connect to a DAW via USB, or rock out on stage while sending a DI to front-of-house—your options are virtually limitless.

Engineered to Perfection

Backed by over 50 years of experience and development knowledge, the skilled BOSS engineers are responsible for some of the world's most popular guitar amps. Embodying our Tube Logic philosophy, the Katana series delivers the nuanced sound, feel, and response of classic tube amps without the inherent problems of instability and fragility.vDurable and lightweight, Katana amps have been designed and built using custom components for consistent, maintenance-free operation in any situation. With millions of happy customers around the globe, the ever-growing Katana fraternity is a testament to the appeal of this award-winning range.

Uniquely Yours

With such powerful sonic tools, Katana is the ultimate canvas for creating masterpiece guitar tones. Edit hands-on from the panel or go deeper with the BOSS Tone Studio app. Define your core guitar sound from six amp characters: Brown, Lead, Crunch, Pushed, Clean, and Acoustic. Then, add tonal color courtesy of over 60 world-class BOSS effects curated into dedicated Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb sections. The reactive analog Class AB power stage completes the picture, delivering professional, stage-class sound that perfectly frames your performances.



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