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Meet the Circa 74: Taylor's Acoustic & Vocal Performance Amp

The Taylor Circa 74 AV150-10 lets you amplify both your acoustic guitar and vocals with ease. Designed by Taylor Guitars, this innovative amp combines two independent channels—one with XLR and 1/4" inputs for mics and guitars, the other a 1/4" input for guitars. Each channel has its own level, volume and 3-band EQ controls so you can mix your guitar and vocals smoothly. The Circa 74's solid mahogany cabinet and 10" speaker contribute to a warm, smooth tone that enhances the natural resonance of acoustic guitars. With 150W of power, it easily fills small venues with rich, detailed sound. The intuitive EQ shapes your tone, while built-in reverb adds ambience. Bluetooth connectivity lets you play along to songs. The furniture-quality mahogany amp stand angles the amp for optimal projection.

Compatible with Major Pickups and Mics

The Circa 74 is designed for broad appeal with a wide range of acoustic guitars. It was tested with popular pickups like the Taylor Expression System, Fishman, L.R. Baggs and others. The amp also works seamlessly with professional mics from Shure, Electro-Voice and more. The user guide includes recommended settings for different pickup systems and mics so you can easily find your tone. Whether you sing through your favorite dynamic vocal mic or plug in your finely tuned acoustic-electric, the Circa 74 amp brings out the best in your gear.

Powerful 150W Output With 10" Speaker

With 150W of power pumped through a 10" full-range speaker, the Circa 74 delivers plenty of clean headroom and projection. The efficient Class D amp design provides robust, reliable performance night after night. And the 10" speaker reproduces your guitar tones and vocals with accuracy across the frequency range. Whether playing small clubs or large events, the Circa 74 cuts through the mix with articulate sound. The amp has enough muscle for gigs yet retains the organic feel of an acoustic instrument. Even at high volumes, your tone stays smooth and balanced thanks to the mahogany cabinet.

Two Independent Channels W/ Dedicated Controls & Reverb

The Circa 74 gives you two channels to amplify your acoustic guitar and vocals simultaneously. Channel 1 features 1/4" and XLR inputs that accept both mics and acoustic guitar pickups. Channel 2 has a 1/4" input dedicated to guitars. Each channel has its own level control, volume knob and 3-band EQ so you can dial in the perfect blend on the fly. This amp also features built-in reverb which helps open up the sound in any room. Whether you're a solo singer-songwriter or part of an acoustic duo, you'll appreciate the flexibility to shape your guitar and vocal tones independently.

Mahogany Cabinet & Speaker Provide Warm, Smooth Tone

Taylor Guitars leveraged their expertise with tonewoods to build the Circa 74's cabinet out of solid mahogany. Coupled with the 10" full-range speaker, it produces a gorgeously clear, smooth tone that accurately reproduces acoustic guitars natural tone. The amp dials back the harsh highs found in many acoustic amps, allowing the natural resonance and articulation of your guitar to shine through. Mahogany's rich lows and focused midrange prevent your tone from getting lost, even at higher volumes. The amp fills small venues with detailed, musical sound.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Furniture-Quality Stand

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can play along to songs and backing tracks wirelessly through the Circa 74. It's a great tool for practice and improvisation. The amp includes a matching furniture-quality mahogany amp stand that angles the amp for enhanced projection. Or, you can place it directly on the floor for more natural bass response. Footholds keep the amp securely in place. With its clean lines and rich wood grain, the stand complements the amp's esthetics. For an acoustic singer-songwriter, solo act or duo, the Circa 74 is an elegant all-in-one solution.

The Circa 74 is currently in stock at Bounty Music.

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