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Heat and Humidity awareness and acclimation recommendation

Excessive heat and humidity can have a detrimental effect on your instrument. It is important to take the necessary steps to acclimate your instrument if it has traveled through temperatures and humidity outside the recommended range. The ideal humidity range is 45-55% and the ideal temperature range is 72-77⁰F (22-24⁰C)

If you know or suspect that your instrument has been exposed to excessive conditions, please do not open the case for at least 24 hours after setting in an acceptable environment. Once opened, evaluate the instrument for the following signs that it has been exposed to extreme conditions.

Humid exposure may result in:

  • High action

  • Round top

  • Sharp neck/fingerboard transition

Dry exposure may result in:

  • Low action

  • Sunken top

  • Sharp frets

  • Dried in finish

If there are signs of overexposure after acclimating the instrument in its case for 24 hours, place the instrument in an acceptable environment outside of its case, or with the case opened. Let it acclimate for at least a week, then re-evaluate the instrument to see if it has settled and stabilized.



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