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  • paul

A Resophonic Ukulele!

What is a resophonic? Think Dobro, a trade name for a resophonic guitar company started in the 1920s.

The concept is to get the strings to vibrate an aluminum cone just under the bridge which then RESONATES a striking metallic and highly sustained tone. This resonator tone is often used in slide playing, but has been applied to almost every king of stringed instrument .... including the ukulele. Bounty Music has an excellent resophonic ukulele made by Kala, the KA-RES-BRS model, selling for only $309.99!

It comes with standard tenor Aquila ukulele strings ....BUT .... if someone was creative they might just string it up with some electric guitar strings and see what that baby can do! It is certainly strong enough and the tone will be fantastic!

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