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The Willie K. 5 String Super Tenor Uke!

This is a rare Bird of Paradise! We are talking about the Hawaiian made Kanilea WILLIEK.-ST5 model. Let's go over the unique features:

* Super awesome top-of-the line AAAAA Hawaiian Koa wood.

* Hand made to the most exacting specifications.

* 5 strings ..... (FIVE!!!!!) ..... with BOTH low and high G strings.

* Extra long 19 inch scale length.

* Oversize body with a super wide bout.

* Hawaiian design rosette.

* Contoured armrest.

* Ebony fingerboard with a super smooth UV SILK satin mahogany neck.

* Slotted head with highly accurate deluxe mini-tuners.

* Ebony bridge, saddle, nut and bridge pins.

* Kanilea's TRU-R bracing system.

* Hawaiian sand particle Kanilea logo.

* Willie K.'s embossed signature.

As of this writing the WILLIEK.-ST5 is Bounty Music's most expensive ukulele for all the above reasons.

It is on SALE for for $3641.00 including Kanilea's custom hardshell case and FREE shipping anywhere in the USA. Check out the pics here!


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