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     Thank you for your interest in private lessons at Bounty Music! We confidently offer the finest music instruction and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you. The following information and teacher biographies give you a glimpse of what we bring, for over 40 years now being a Music School.

     Our instructors provide a safe, personal, helpful and enjoyable learning environment where students can experience the fun of music at their own pace. They teach any style of music, while using modern teaching methods, personalized exercises, current songs and positive reinforcement to help the students obtain their musical goals and dreams.

     Studies show that music education can dramatically contribute to a child’s ability to learn, think and create. Much like participatin in a sport, music lessons can teach discipline and team building skills. Music skills last a lifetime and as a parent you are in a unique position to contribute to your child’s success both now and into the future.

     JON TODA has been a working musician on Maui for over 30 years playing ukulele, guitar and bass. He plays and listens to a variety of music, learing toward traditional and contemporary Hawaiian songs. Currently teaching ukulele at Seabury Hall, he enjoys teaching music to students of all ages. Jon is also a part of the Hawaiian music group Maui Jam, which recently released their first CD.

     TYLER LEWIS is a passionate teacher and experienced performer who loves to work with people. Currently teaching Guitar, Piano, Voice & Music Production at Bounty Music, he also leads the Haleakala Waldorf School Band and teaches nationwide thru Zoom. Tyler has studied Music all over the World from Berklee College of Music to India and devoted to unique and tailor-made educational experiences. He can teach you any song or style, help you find your voice and song, or can assist you with difficult music technologies and set ups.

     STEVE MORRIS teaches Drums. His experience ranges far and wide, performing and teaching drum clinics with musicians from Cheap Trick, Dreamtheatre, Buddy Rich and even recording hits for TV theme music He has been a private drum instructor for over 30 years and is versed in every style. His energy and charisma is contageous and is an encyclopedia of music and drum knowledge. If you want to have fun and learn a lot, play drums with Steve.


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