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The Fender Tone Master FR-10 is a full-range, flat response powered speaker cab designed for use with today’s digital guitar amp modelers and profilers. The FR-10 perfectly replicates every detail of your amp simulations and are the ideal solution for players who use modelers at home or on stage. The Tone Master FR-10 feature an integrated 1,000-watt power amp that delivers the volume and headroom needed for even the most demanding live performance. Other features include a 3-band active EQ and high-frequency cut control to allow players to fine-tune their stage tone without altering what is sent to the PA. Plus, the FR-10 industrial design is 100% Fender for an authentic backline look and feel.


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UPC: 885978978380

      TONEMASTER-FR-10 1,000W 1x10 FRFR Powered Speaker Cab : Fender


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