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Bill Lawrence A-345 Acoustic Guitar Pickup from DC Music Store.This is an acoustic guitar pickup that fits easily and quickly right into your sound hole of your guitar. It delivers great tone and unmistakably rich clarity.


     The A-345 uses a shielded pickup that is designed to be placed into the sound hole of an acoustic guitar. It will quickly and easily insert into and can just as easily be removed without any permanently installation, drilling, soldering and what not. A twelve foot cable with a typical quarter inch plug can connect you to a variety of locations such as a mixer, amplifier, sound system and so on. Feedback is always a concern for guitarists, but these pickups not only sound great in many acoustic guitars, but they also are able to perform at loud stage volumes without the feedback issues that so many other acoutic pickups are plagued by.


     The pole pieces are adjustable on this item. That's simply not an option for most of its competitors. This allows you to individually balance your sound and tone from string to string by adjusting the volume and distance for string to the pickup individually. It uses a spring loaded design to safety and conveniently pop right into your guitar.

A-345 Sound Hole Pickup : Bill Lawrence

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