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The ToneWoodAmp is a truly innovative, strikingly unique, and brilliantly simple device that unlocks a whole world of sound for your acoustic guitar. The ToneWoodAmp is a pocket-sized device that attaches easily to the back of your guitar and taps into the natural resonance of your acoustic’s soundhole by vibrating the back of your instrument, producing an “amplified” effect without the amp! With this cutting-edge device, you can get classic effects like reverb, echo, delay, and tremolo among others. The ToneWoodAmp is perfect for practice and small, intimate gigs like coffee shops or house shows.


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UPC: 642872636002

                        SOLO - Guitar-Mount Acoustic Amp - TonewoodAmp

                        SKU: TWA-SOLO
                        $279.99 Regular Price
                        $199.00Sale Price
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