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Kick pedal, Hi-Hat Stand, & Snare Stand sold separate.


V-Drum Speaker System availble here


Multi-sensor Digital Snare and Ride

At the center of the TD-27KV is the new digital trigger tech. The PD-140DS digital snare and CY-18DR digital ride use every bit of their surface area, detecting the exact location and magnitude of each stroke. The snare features a three-ply mesh head that senses hand position for cross-stick playing. The steel shell gives the drum an acoustic look. The ride cymbal has multiple bow sensors, plus edge, bell and choke triggers. Working with the new TD-27 module, these pads bring acoustic feel to every hit.

New TD-27KV Module

The new TD-27 module combines features from the TD-17 and TD-50 into one powerful, intuitive unit. It features a large LCD screen, over 700 sampled instruments and plenty of space for custom user kits. The live edit dials let players tune each drum individually, build custom kits and even adjust the room ambience on the fly. The new sound engine can even mimic the sound of famous recording studios.

Variety of Connectors Including MIDI and Bluetooth

The TD-27 isn’t just for quiet practice—it also has all the ports and capabilities for live performance and recording. This includes three digital inputs, three AUX inputs, Bluetooth connectivity and two Direct Out jacks. There is also MIDI In/Out capability, a headphone jack and SD card storage for custom user kits. This range of connections makes the TD-27 a highly versatile module for performers and students.

Roland V-Drums Pads and Hardware

In addition to the digital snare and ride, this V-Drums set is equipped with three PDX100 mesh toms. These Roland standbys offer rubber rims, dual-trigger sensors and metal hoops with tension rods. Two crash pads in 12 and 13ʺ sizes create more options for fills and accents. The kick pad and hi-hat fit standard hi-hat stands and kick pedals (sold separately). And because this full e-kit includes a Roland MSD-STD rack, it’s easy to set up and start playing in a snap.



  • Multi-sensor digital snare and ride simulate acoustic response
  • Large LCD screen for easily navigating samples from 700+ instruments
  • Tuning dials and buttons let you add ambience, reverb and other effects on the fly
  • Digital, aux, direct out, headphone and MIDI connectors create near-universal compatibility
  • Mesh toms, kick pad, 2 crashes and mountable hi-hat for classic Roland V-Drum experience


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            Roland : TD-27KV-S V-Drums Kit

            SKU: TD-27KV