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The main feature of the 2021 Platinumis called the TRU-Relief Body.  This is something that has never been done on an acoustic instrument ever. 


Continuing the tradition of innovation, we are proud to present the all-new 2021 Platinum Limited Edition Tenor.  Unlike any other ‘ukulele you have ever seen, this instrument is truly a masterpiece to look at as well as to play.  Diving right into what makes this so unique, we present the TRU-Relief body.  A Tenor body that is thicker in the “3 corners” than a normal tenor, but has a taper at the lower bass bout which thins the body out for an unbelievably comfortable playing experience.  The edge of the instrument under your arm melts away and fits right into your arms.  This allows you to forget about holding the instrument and focus on what matters… playing

Stemming from the 2020 Platinum, the off-centered soundhole has really struck a chord and is here to stay. The 2021 model boasts a new unconventional sound hole patterning still in combination with a side port. Paying respects to what drives us, Koa. You can find Koa leaves in the shape of the soundhole and side port, as well as inlaid on the fretboard, head-plate, and for the first time ever, inlaid on the bridge. Having the unconventional sound holes allows for the soundboard to vibrate and give off the most wonderful tones. But also provides challenges in accessing the interior of the body for things like pickup installations or bracing repair. Joe and Kahiau thought long and hard about how to alleviate this and have designed the first-ever magnetic back access panel. The access panel is hardly visible and that is thanks to the careful engineering to ensure that the radius of the back is followed with a bracing piece as part of the access panel. And what we have to mention that you don’t see is the brand new TRU-R V3 Bracing system. Redesigned AGAIN, there are new supports in key areas to balance the weight to stability ratio, as well as a new mass reduction system which we etched away certain areas of the interior of the soundboard to let the Koa do its thing.

Hours of engineering went into designing the new TRU-Relief Body, TRU-R V3 Bracing, Mass Reduction system, and the Access Panel. So not only is this ‘ukulele aesthetically pleasing, it has the science, technology, engineering, and math to back up the structural aspect too. The 2021 Platinum has been in prototyping since March of 2020 and we are extremely excited to present it to you now.



  • Kanile`a Original, TRU-Relief Tenor Body 
  • Master Grade Koa Front, Back, and Sides
  • TRU Bracing V3
  • Mass Reduction Interior
  • Magnetic Back Access Panel
  • Ebony Radiused Fingerboard, Ebony Bridge, and Ebony Head-Plate
  • Platinum Crown Slotted Headstock
  • Gotoh Stealth Gold Tuners with Kanile`a Knobs
  • Ebony Bridge Pins 
  • NuBone Nut and Saddle
  • Gloss Body, Silk Neck Finish
  • Ebony Side Position Markers 
  • Curly Koa Headplate Inlay
  • Curly Koa Leaf Position Markers Inlay on Fingerboard in Koa 
  • Curly Koa Leaf Inlay on the Bridge
  • Koa Leaf Sound Hole with Curly Maple Trim 
  • Koa Leaf Side Sound Port with Maple Trim 
  • Curly Maple Front and Back Binding
  • Curly Maple Fretboard Binding
  • Curly Maple Head-Stock Binding
  • Curly Maple Back Strip
  • Curly Maple Tail Strip 
  • Curly Maple Bevel
  • Curly Maple Heel Cap

UV-cured high gloss body and UV SILK satin neck

TRU-R bracing: (Total Resonating Ukulele Redesigned) Increased vibration and resonance

Includes a deluxe Kanile'a gig bag

Limited Edition Platinum 2021 Master Grade Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele : Kanile'a