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Power your pedals and give them exciting new tonal options!

The DA-4 Dan Electrode 9-volt power supply is much more than a standard power supply. In addition to a solid and steady standard 9-volt output, it offers you a variable 3-9 volt option that produces gritty vintage tones from most distortion, overdrive, and fuzz pedals by starving them for voltage.
Add optional DA-5 Daisy Chain cables to the DA-4 to power multiple pedals (up to 15 total).


  • Provides either fixed 9V output or variable 3-9V
  • Variable output lets you under-power your pedals for gritty, vintage tones
  • Add optional DA-5 Daisy Chain cables to power up to 15 pedals


UPC:  611820001544

DA-4 Dan Electrode 9-volt Power Supply - Danelectro