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  • The pre-amp is switched on only when a jack is plugged in.
  • Low Battery Light
  • This light has 2 distinct functions
  • Power up indicator
  • Low battery warning
  • Volume
  • For the cleanest signal set the volume as high as possible without distorting the amp or mixer.
  • Bass
  • A boost here above the centre detent will add depth and weight to the sound of the instrument. Move the bass slider below the centre detent to tighten up a big and boomy tone.
  • Middle
  • More than any other control the middle slider can affect the character of your instrument's tone. Typically a slight mid cut just below the centre detent will help bring out roundneses in the bass and will unmask the treble. A deep midtone cut produces a "scooped out" tone that works well at high volume levels and can help to reduce feedback. Boost the mids for an "in your face" nasal quality, similar to an electric guitar tone.
  • Treble
  • A boos here will help to "cut through the mix". Conversely cutting the treble will mellow and subdue your amplified tone.
  • Brilliance
  • This slider can add shimmer and sparkle to you sound. It zeros in on "extra crispy" high frequency tones; the real of harmonics and acoustic string sound. Lower the Brilliance slider can help to reduce finger noise and fret buzz.


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CLASSIC-4T Classic 4 Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Preamp : Fishman