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  • Has the ability to fit in some very small sound-holes, the pickup is just 2 7/8" wide
  • Works on 6 or 12 strings Fits in nearly any sound hole Has a 10' attached cord
  • High output so it can be plugged into nearly any amp or sound system


The Bill Lawrence A-300 Pickup Acoustic Guitar Pop in A300 Fits Small Sound holes. Made in the United States,  the A-300 has a five-year warranty and is made so that the pickup will fit into acoustic guitar sound holes that are smaller than the typical guitars. These original Bill Lawrence pickups are known for their quality, tone, and performance and have a long history of helping acoustic guitarists in getting their natural sound out on recordings and to their audiences.

     You won't need to drill into your beloved instrument or even break out your soldering gun. It simply pops into the sound hole of your guitar in a few seconds. When your done, it comes out just as fast should you not want it in all the time. It comes with a twelve-foot cable and gives your tone a very natural sound while plugged in either for recording or cranked up into a live sound system.

Acoustic Pickup : Bill Lawrence

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