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Meet the New Hawaiian Koa 700 Series

Beautifully grained sets of Hawaiian koa inspired us to offer players a whole new koa experience — in look, feel and sound. Barely-there finish allows you to feel the warm wood texture and enhances the acoustic resonance. Powered by a new V-Class voicing recipe, koa’s sweet midrange sings out more vividly, and with a punchier response, than ever before. Choose from the Grand Auditorium 724ce and Grand Concert 722ce.

All About Hawaiian Koa:

Koa’s seductive charms are legendary. You’ll find an array of koa model options across the Taylor line, boasting a broad range of body styles, voicings, features and appointments.

*Physical Properties*

Koa can display a mix of golden-brown hues, with grain that ranges from straight to wavy to highly figured. As a hardwood, it’s used for acoustic guitar backs and sides, and as a top wood.

*Tonal Qualities*

Koa is known for its woody midrange character, boasting warmth and clarity along with clear trebles. With time and playing, koa’s voice can grow sweeter and more resonant.

*Koa Models by Series*

We use Hawaiian koa across the Taylor line, with select models from the Baby Taylor, GS Mini and 200 Series, and with the 700 and Koa Series, which includes Builder’s Edition models.



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